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The Shift at Herr’s: 60% of Eligible Drivers Prefer Cardata’s FAVR Over Company Vehicles


Program irregularities eliminated

Fleet management outsourced

Employee flexibility increased

For many, Herr’s evokes memories of delightful snacks since its founding in 1946. But beyond their crispy treats, they’ve been at the forefront of employee-centric approaches to strategic benefits. A glaring example is their pivot into vehicle reimbursement with Cardata – giving a clear nod to flexibility and choice in employee mobility.

Curtis R. Kodish, Human Resource Business Partner at Herr’s, reflected on the older system’s complexity and inefficiencies. The old school company car model and other reimbursement providers proved unideal for Herr’s. “Our goal has always been to empower our team. The manual tracking and limited choices of the previous system just didn’t fit the bill anymore.” 

Enter Cardata’s Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) program. This IRS-compliant tax-free model leverages a driver’s mileage and geographical data to reimburse them at market value. This program allows employees to use their own cars for work while receiving a tax-free benefit directly from Cardata. Paired with Cardata’s suite of easy to use mobile and Cloud technology, employees and managers alike felt the positive impact. 

A dynamic reimbursement model was established, sensitive to each driver’s unique circumstances – a move ensuring fairness and precision. The overhaul didn’t just stop at reimbursements. Cardata’s partnership reduced the administrative load of fleet management, enabling Herr’s to redirect their focus on core business initiatives. With changing driving costs and conditions, the FAVR program stands resilient, always adapting to provide accurate reimbursements.

With the implementation of the FAVR program, the trajectory of this transition was nothing short of smooth. The cherry on top? An automated mileage reimbursement ecosystem. “It eradicated the irregularities we once struggled with. Now, our drivers no longer have to deal with tedious manual submission of monthly mileage,” Kodish observed.

Kodish’s endorsement for Cardata is clear and robust: “Its precision, intuitive technology, customer service, and competitive pricing make it the obvious choice for businesses scouting a comprehensive vehicle reimbursement solution.”

The shift was evident: 60% of eligible Herr’s employees chose Cardata’s FAVR program over the traditional company car. This wasn’t just about using personal vehicles for work, but it represented a broader idea. “It’s not about replacing the company car. It’s about offering our drivers ownership, choices, and the flexibility of driving the car they truly want,” Kodish stated.

From crafting savory snacks to pioneering employee-first vehicular solutions, Herr’s commitment to excellence is unmistakable. Their collaboration with Cardata isn’t just a partnership; it’s a testament to their dedication to providing their team members with an unmatched experience.

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