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Vehicle Reimbursement Programs in Canada

Drive business efficiency and understand your vehicle operations with intelligent software and tax programs.

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Mileage Rates for Canadian Drivers.

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Fair payments

Reimburse fair and accurate rates backed by software and data.

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Streamline logs and payments

Save hours of work by automating kilometre logging and payment processing.

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Maintain insurance compliance

Verify driver insurance policies to minimize your risk profile.

Drive easy with Cardata’s Canada program:

Leverage powerful software

Kilometre tracking, payment processing, and business intelligence reports turbocharge your program.

Never miss a kilometre with best-in-class GPS capture technology.

Manage drivers, approve trips, and generate reports with Cardata Cloud.

Precisely process payments for your employee drivers.

Drive compliance

Reduce liability and promote accountability. Define your company driving policy and validate insurance.

Design your vehicle reimbursement program policy.

Validate your employees’ insurance coverage with simple software.

Adhere to corporate policies and CRA guidelines with expert help.

Reduce administrative burden

Outsource your vehicle reimbursement program and reclaim HR and administrative hours.

Vehicle reimbursement programs are complex. Let the experts handle it.

Replace piles of paper with powerful software.

Rely on customer support and account management to help solve problems.

Get expert support

Whether you need support managing your program or you find yourself getting tied up in administrative work, you can always rely on the Cardata team to lend a hand.

Connect with an account manager to ensure your program is working for you.

Outsource administration to our experts for complex reimbursement tasks.

Get peace of mind knowing a trusted support rep is just a phone call away.

See what users are saying

Don’t just take it from us. Hear why best-in-class enterprises use Cardata’s Canada program and software for employee driver vehicle reimbursement.

“Cardata offers a fast response time for issues. I've had problems uploading required paperwork with other apps, and the software is simple. The mobile web app makes tracking my mileage an easy event in the morning and evening.”

Michele Y.

“Cardata is a very intuitive and efficient method for tracking my mileage for my commute. I have the piece of mind I am being fairly compensated for my time on the road.”

Anthony R.

“I set my schedule and don't have to worry about turning the app on and off. If there is a personal stop I just swipe and my mileage is updated. Much easier than other tracking apps I have used.”

Justin B.

Reimagine your reimbursements.

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Cardata Savings Calculator

Find out what efficiencies await. Compute the future business benefits a new vehicle reimbursement program could bring.

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Simplify administration

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Reduce costs

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Optimize vehicle operations