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Griffen Du-Maresq-Henshaw

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What Sets Cardata Apart



The hallmark of an effective vehicle reimbursement program (VRP) is quiet consistency. Customers should look out for a program that, while it requires maintenance and attention, is largely operating in the background, and delivers benefits to its users and admins even while they aren’t actively managing it. Creating a seamless administrator and user experience is easier said than done, so in the world of VRP solutions, is this what makes Cardata stand out?

Program customization & consistent review

Do some of your driver’s log 50,000 miles per year, while others only hit the road a couple times a month? These drivers would have wildly different annual vehicle expenses. You might be concerned about reimbursement becoming too generalized for employees of different compensation brackets. 

Whether you’re coming from an existing allowance or standard rate cents per mile program, or whether you’re coming from an existing FAVR program, you can benefit from greater specificity and attention to your program. In the first case, you could be overpaying or underpaying your employees for their driving depending on where they live in the country and how far they drive. In the second case, you could be losing tax waste from your FAVR program on drivers who are out of compliance. Did you know, for example, that you could be running cents per mile, FAVR, and accountable allowance program simultaneously, in order to offset these negative tax effects?

That is when the beauty of customizable IRS programs, such as Fixed and Variable Rate (FAVR) comes into play. At Cardata, our account executives act as problem solvers, seeking to identify the different types of drivers you have, and building out a program that takes each of them into account. Once your program is up and running, Cardata’s customer success team conducts annual program reviews and are available to discuss program changes or optimizations any time of year, not just when it’s time for renewal. 

Thoughtful change management 

Making changes to existing vehicle programs, often programs that have been in place for decades, is not always easy. Companies moving away from fleet vehicles may have employees who feel like they are losing a large part of their compensation. In order to reduce and remediate these types of concerns, effective change management is an incredibly important part of successful implementation of any new program. Throughout the discovery and onboarding process, the Cardata team explores companies’ motivations for change, and discusses how they would like this change communicated to drivers. Having onboarded thousands of new users, we come equipped with strategies and messaging to ensure a smooth transition.

We take brand identity into consideration when you are building out your new program, and coming off fleet. If you want a vehicle policy that says all the cars your team will drive have to be white, we can provide you with a policy template. If, rather, you’d like to give your team complete freedom, we’ll set up your program such that your employees have options, that meanwhile are up to professional standards in your industry. Whatever your sticking points, we address issues of contention on the front end in order to ensure a smooth transition for all your employees. 

Exceptional user experience

We’ve all had moments where we dreaded making a lengthy customer service call. Say, for example, that there was fraudulent activity on your credit card or your internet wasn’t working and you have to make the dreaded call to customer service. The resolution of these issues is pretty straightforward, a new credit card can be sent, and your router reset, however the dread comes from jumping through the hoops to get there and the indefinite period between outage and resolution. 

With a dedicated, in-house support team, timely and effective customer support is a point of pride for Cardata. Eighty percent of calls to our customer support team are answered within sixty seconds, and average email response time is less than two hours. We are committed to building strong relationships not only with our customers, but also with their users. 

Vehicle reimbursement programs can be a key competitive advantage, and factor in employee retention, when it comes to employee compensation. Make sure you get a vehicle reimbursement partner who makes your program an attractive benefit for your team.


When less time and money is spent administering a complicated VRP, companies can focus on the pillars of their business. Through years of consumer feedback, Cardata has developed the tools to move companies forward, prioritizing user-friendly and flexible programs.

What begins as a detailed analysis of current pain points leads to the buildout of a comprehensive, personalized solution. Throughout implementation and deployment, Cardata’s customer success team is available to address change management pains. Once up and running, our VRPs are fluid; we’re ready to make changes to better suit the needs of your drivers, your company, and every stakeholder in between.

If you’d like to investigate switching to a VRP, you can schedule a time to speak to a Cardata expert.

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