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Cardata Savings Calculator

Learn your ROI in dollars for transitions from fleet, car allowance, and Cents per Mile programs to FAVR vehicle reimbursements.

The Cardata savings calculator

Find out what efficiencies await. Compute the future business benefits a new vehicle reimbursement program could bring.

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Simplify administration

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Reduce costs

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Optimize vehicle operations

What our customers are saying

“I set my schedule and don't have to worry about turning the app on and off. If there is a personal stop I just swipe and my mileage is updated. Much easier than other tracking apps I have used.”

Justin B.

“Cardata offers a fast response time for issues. I've had problems uploading required paperwork with other apps, and the software is simple. The mobile web app makes tracking my mileage an easy event in the morning and evening.”

Michele Y.

"Wonderful and Knowledgeable Service!"

Verified User in Logistics and Supply Chain

"The customer service was very quick with answering questions and helping me through the process."

Anthony N.

We’re ready when you are.

See for yourself why leading enterprises and SMBs trust Cardata with their vehicle reimbursement programs.

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