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Integrating Learning and Workforce Management: Insights from Leah Carr of tilr

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In today’s fiercely competitive business landscape, the significance of Human Resources (HR) leadership and development cannot be overstated. These two pillars play a pivotal role in steering organizations towards success and ensuring the retention of valuable employees. Their vital roles intricately contribute to organizational triumph and to the preservation of a talented workforce.

In this episode of Transformations, the HR Management Podcast by Cardata, we sit down with Leah Carr, the CEO of tilr. We discuss the role of HR in today’s world and the importance of aligning skills and leadership within organizations.

Check out the full episode below:

Key Insights

  • HR leaders must adapt and genuinely care for the success of others.
  • Remote work challenges HR in maintaining relationships and identifying talent. Regular one-on-one meetings and social hours can help.
  • Being intentional in shaping leadership development initiatives is crucial. HR leaders must understand skills required and provide training and mentorship.
  • HR can drive success by linking individual goals with organizational needs. Investing in learning and development leads to increased retention and a culture of learning.
  • Community is key to personal and professional growth. External peer networks and internal mentorship programs are highly beneficial.
  • Take accountability for your own learning and development, while leaders and HR support and invest in growth.

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