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Capital Allocation in Mental Health Services with Howard Goldman

Season 1 episode 3 - Howard Goldman

Curious about how financial management and allocation works in a government funded organization? In this week’s episode, Sheret is joined by Howard Goldman to speak about capital allocation in the mental health world. Howard is the Chief Financial Officer of Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services.

He shares insights into his approach to capital allocation. Having had the privilege of overseeing a surplus of funds within his organization, he shares his thought process on how to make the most impactful investments. Additionally, he delves into the implications of a new mental health initiative and how it will shape the future of the organization.

With his expertise in finance, he also provides his predictions on interest rates for the upcoming year, offering valuable perspective on the broader economic landscape. Finally, he touches on the future of Didi Hirsch Mental Services, shedding light on their long-term vision for advancing mental health care.


  • (00:33) Howard’s background
  • (01:26) How does Howard go about Capital Allocation?
  • (02:30) New mental health call line
  • (04:04) How did COVID impact the mental health business?
  • (05:19) What’s keeping Howard up at night?
  • (06:08) Investing the company’s excess money
  • (08:09) Howard’s interest rate predictions for next year
  • (09:18) Where is the business headed next year?

You can find the transcript here.

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