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Melanie Reiffenstein

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Cardata’s New Mobile App Is a Game-Changer in Vehicle Reimbursement Software

Cardata’s new mobile application hits the market today, with the most accurate, best-in-class mileage capture technology in the industry.


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BOSTON, MA – FEBRUARY 15, 2023  Cardata’s new mobile application hits the market today, with the most accurate, best-in-class mileage capture technology in the industry. 

Cardata, a mileage reimbursement partner, provides IRS-compliant, tax-free reimbursements to some of the world’s most trusted brands. The enhanced experience will elevate users’ abilities to capture business trips and get paid for their mileage, making it even easier for employers to save time and realize tax-free benefits for their teams. 

The Cardata Mobile app has one core design principle: user feedback. From conducting user research studies to extensive beta testing and focus groups, the new product is fueled by feedback from customers.

“In the last year, we’ve truly closed the loop on how Cardata puts customers first in every decision we make,” says Amy Molyneux, VP of Technology at Cardata. “We’ve built out a rich User Research program to better listen to and learn about our customers, how they use our products and what would make their lives at work better. The rebuild of our app was guided at every point by this feedback. We’re driven by an almost maniacal obsession to satisfy each and every single user. I’m thrilled by what we’ve been able to produce; I cannot wait for all of our users to experience it.”

“Thoughtful user studies are driving the innovation of our product,” says Sheret Ross, co-CEO of Cardata. “This launch further solidifies our place in the market as the go-to reimbursement solution. I am proud of what our team has accomplished.”

The enhanced mobile app will allow for better and more powerful trip capture, increased privacy, automation and visibility into reimbursements. It’s a one-stop shop for a user’s reimbursement needs. To see how the new app looks, watch Cardata’s video.

To learn more about Cardata’s products and services, speak with one of their trusted advisors.

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Cardata was founded in 1999 as a solution to the problems of corporate fleet management. Its users have logged over 500 million miles in reimbursements. Cardata provides cost-effective and accurate ways to reimburse drivers for using their personal vehicles for work, with IRS-compliant programs like Fixed and Variable Rate (“FAVR”) and Tax Free Car Allowance (“TFCA”). Visit our website Follow us on LinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

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