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The Art of Data in HR Management Decision-Making with Rob Catalano

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In today’s fast-paced and competitive business environment, data-driven decision making has emerged as a critical aspect of effective organizational functions, including human resources (HR). As HR departments assume a more strategic role in organizational success, leveraging data to make informed and impactful decisions has become essential.

In this episode of Transformations, the HR Management Podcast by Cardata, we chat with Rob Catalano, the Co-Founder and Chief Engagement Officer at WorkTango. We discuss the significance of data-driven decision making in HR, the benefits it offers to organizations, and how HR leaders can start implementing it.

Check out the full episode below:

Key Insights

  • The role of HR is changing, focusing on the internal employee experience.
  • Agility is crucial for success, but beware of change fatigue and survey fatigue.
  • HR leaders must hold others accountable for feedback and action.
  • Aligning values with actions drives a strong culture and attracts talent.
  • Embrace failures and learn from them for growth and innovation.

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