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Melanie Reiffenstein

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Cardata launches a new podcast, The Allocators

Cardata launches a new podcast, The Allocators, that interviews CFOs about their perspectives on corporate financial allocation.


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Cardata launches a new podcast, The Allocators, that interviews CFOs about their perspectives on corporate financial allocation

Cardata has launched an exciting new podcast, entitled The Allocators. Hosted by Cardata’s Co-CEO Sheret Ross, the podcast delves into the minds of financial decision makers, their 2023 strategies and their 2024 predictions.

Given the financial uncertainty caused by a potentially looming recession, high inflation and a post-pandemic market, CFOs now more than ever are being called upon to prepare the financial ship and ready the waters for whatever lies ahead.

Here, we take a sneak peek at some of this season’s upcoming CFO guests and what is on their minds:

Juan Lopez, CFO MycoWorks

“You need to remain flexible and balance your capital allocation priorities as they evolve. Paying down debt, investing in the organic growth of your business and being on the lookout for potential M&A are top priorities.”

Howard Goldman, CFO Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services

“I am more concerned with cash management than capital deployment, due to our funding model of cost reimbursement. In the last six months, that’s changed dramatically. We received a very large unrestricted donation that we can use for operations, and that’s now put us in the position of having capital and the opportunity to use that to develop new lines of business.”

Rajeev Viswanathan, CFO, Forum Asset Management

“We’ve all seen inflation and a significant rise in interest rates, and over the last 12 years I’ve never seen a more volatile time. Our capital allocation is set to risk-off mode. The thing that takes companies down is not having access to liquidity.”

As for the remaining episode guests? You’ll have to tune in to see the full roster and hear all of their perspectives on the 2023 market and beyond.

Join us on The Allocators podcast, available starting April 18, with a new episode every Tuesday, wherever you get your podcasts.

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